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The North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board is an organization founded to give all the private woodlot owners bargaining power in negotiations, to sell his/her wood at the best possible price to all available markets and to encourage good woodlot management practices.

Now the struggle is not only to obtain a fair price, but we also need to assure that we do not eliminate our resource. We must restructure to plan for the future, by education and information to ensure that we will have a supply of wood for the market, and a viable resource. We need to expand our sylviculture program, plus we need to respect our annual allowable cut to ensure sustainability.

We use the levies (check-off fees) to operate our office, pay our debt and to meet our costs for the expanding sylviculture activities. It is important that we take immediate measures to increase the amount of wood available for market in the years ahead and one way of accomplishing this is to have a viable sylviculture program. With this as a goal, the check-off levies have been set at 2.8%; 1.8%  for the administrative costs and 1% of the mill-delivered price to fund the sylvicuture activities. Our 2016 sylviculture projects are $775,000.

 We need to work hard to supply current information and education tools to our owners, to work with government, other Boards and industry in the province to ensure that the interests and needs of the private woodlot owners are kept in the forefront.

 We have included a list of our new activities and our new sylviculture manual is available to any owner who is interested. Funds are now available for these activities and you may call anytime and leave your name and phone number and our technicians will get back to you and explain what is best for your land.

 It is our aim and commitment to give the best possible service to our private woodlot owners, to ensure that quality work and service is provided and to provide assistance to all interested owners within our Board area. 


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Search our database of newsletters to keep up with our current activities.

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