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2008 Woodlot Owner of the Year

Albert Haché from the Village of St-Sauveur in the Acadian Peninsula was selected as the Woodlot Owner of the Year for the North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board.  Haché bought his 70 acres woodlot in 1985 and the following year began to actively manage the forest. 

 Patrick Doucet, North Shore's silviculture manager, pointed out that Haché works as a school bus driver, and his off-duty time has given him the opportunity to work regularly on his woodlot.  He uses a farm tractor and winch for commercial and semi-commercial thinning and overstory harvest work.  He also uses precommercial thinning to enhance quality and growth in young, regenerated stands. 

The woodlot has a central access road and a network of skid trails providing access to all parts of the woodlot.

Doucet said that Haché's woodlot also provides him with significant recreational and social amenities.  In addition to enjoying the outdoor work, and seeing that work translated into a high-quality timber and wildlife habitat, Haché also constructed a camp on the banks of the Little Tracadie River.

"Albert's woodlot is bordered by a woodlot owned by his brother, and they work as a team on each other's woodlot.  The woodlot work provides a positive mechanism to maintain their family relationship.  Together, they do some very high-quality silviculture work."

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