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2014 Woodlot Owner of the Year

Lloyd Stever is a woodlot owner from Rosehill.  He purchased his woodlot in 1976.  After a few years, he decided to clean his property.  He cut firewood and hauled it with horses, because, then, he didn't have good access to his property.  In 1986, he got his first management plan done, at that time he really started to manage his woodlot.  He began by building a good road and cleaning an area where he ventured with Christmas trees.  In 1995, the marketing board did some pre-commercial thinning on 50 acres.  In 2001, the board planted white spruce in one of his fields and in 2012, he did some selective cut, and is still working on the 100 acres property.  The Maritime College Of Forest Technology of Bathurst did another management plan in 2013 and with the help of the forest technicians of The North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board, he is putting it into action, by doing beautiful work, improving it daily.

Silviculture work was started on his lot in 1995.  Among the activities, we find semi-commercial and pre-commercial thinning; release and selective cutting to finish with plantations, on the majority of his lot.  Mr. Stever has spent a lot of time and energy to ensure he managed his woodlot and continue to do so, in a sustainable manner , a true example of a devoted owner.

More than adequate, the work that he performed over the past several years serves as a model of what a healthy and prosperous woodlot is supposed to look like.  Therefore, the title of 2014 Woodlot Owner of Year, bestow him today, is one that is richly deserved.

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